Billie Joyce Fell


In 1950 in Tennesse, USA I was born into a quite normal family. Although I didn't arrive painting, before I could read or write I was drawing and always the same picture...a small house on a hill with hundreds of steps up to it.. Private classes, universities and finally off to Spain where I've stayed. At first, selling paintings in the street markets of Marbella and then in the Isa's Gallery in Puerto Banus. By the time the gallery closed, my Spanish husband had opened a jewellery shop, Talisman Silversmith, in the small coastal village of Maro. This gave me the freedom to paint what I wanted and from there it was only a matter of time for "Impression Realism" to come to life! "impression Realism " tries to share the experience of what is called "inspiration"...that moment when something in the world calls the attention in a very special way. Guess it could be compared to "falling in love" because it's not just a reaction brought about by I " like or don't like". I mean that when someone falls in love, they lose themselves and those details don't matter anymore. When such an impression is received, everything surronding becomes as if filled with magic. These paintings try to convey such experiences and are not meant to be mere windows ...yet a much larger share impressions that create those kind of special moments that all of us have. Often these impressions are combined to create a totally new image, graced with motif. Impressions and Realism

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